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Here’s some turntable things i made While trying to keep myself awake. use them for references or something i dunno. ヽ(´ー`)┌  (Excalibur)  (Ember)  (Ember Prime)  (Mag)  (Nekros)  (Nova)  (Rhino)  (Saryn)  (Stalker)  (Trinity)  (Valkyr)  (Vauban)  (Volt)  (nyx)  (Banshee)  (Crewman)  (Darvo)  (Saladv)

I’ll post more once more models are released as well as larger still images.



a little preview for three more cards I just finished. 4/27 of the in-game tarot cads done!

don’t worry when they’re all done I’ll post all of them in larger sizes as photosets. I may or may not post more previews, however, since a few cards I’d like to keep as surprises. who knows!

Extremely impressed with this, i wanted to start an Isaac tarot project but never had time. if this continues is love to release it as an official deck! 

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